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Ecommerce Websites

You probably have noticed some new website designs and elements taking hold lately and because of this, we have decided to create a list of the most popular predictions for ecommerce websites design trends that are coming this year.

  • Bright Colors – Well, this new year will be all about bold colors. Before, businesses and brands tended to stick to traditional and web-safe colors, but 2018 allows you to explore your creativity and be braver when it comes to choosing the colors online. The rise in bold colors in web design is proven to attract the attention of the online users and it is a huge change from the traditional safer color palettes that we are accustomed to. So, this year, you can expect to see more bright and vivid color palettes and brands that are becoming more creative with colors. Small businesses and startups will include vibrancy into their branding with a hope of attracting more attention and new customers. Read more on how to use bright colors when building your website.
  • Different Scrolling – As you probably know, scrolling is usually used for getting from the top of the website to its bottom. Until now, we have focused on keeping the most important information above the fold, but today all of that is considered as an old-fashioned and it is a design that should slowly disappear. This year, we will focus on different scrolling. Scrolling is a versatile but a pretty effective mechanism and if it is done badly, it can lead to a horrible user experience. One of the most popular predictions this year is that the new styles of scrolling will be big. This is because we want our users to get a better view of the site and it has been proven that big scrolling ads levels of interaction to the visitor journey.
  • Boxes – The boxes will not only continue to increase functionality this year bit will also play a huge role in website design as well. In 2018, the boxes should be visual and when utilized in e-commerce websites, they should be used for an attractive and eye-catching call to actions. The boxes should spice up the look and feel of the ecommerce store and make a simple design look more complex, modern, and yet beautiful.
  • Custom Illustrations – The illustrations are a versatile addition to an online store. They are a friendly, creative, and visual element that helps increase creativity and add fun to your ecommerce site. If you are looking for a way to create an entire brand identity, look no further as unique styles of custom illustration is without a doubt the best way to do it. In order to give you an idea of how to add illustrations into your online store, try adding them to custom iconography, header photos, animated visuals, and bespoke fonts. You can expect this to be the key trend for 2018 and we can surely predict that this could become a huge part of branding and company identity.
  • Video Takeover – A moving photo automatically grabs the attention of the potential customers. Even though a video is far from something new as an invention, it is really a versatile component that is used for storytelling and advertising. The video is taking over the online world and we can expect a lot more of that to happen this year.

Don’t forget to consider these great ecommerce websites design predictions and make sure to use them to improve your site and boost your online business.

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