Financial Implications of an E-commerce Solution

//Financial Implications of an E-commerce Solution

Financial Implications of an E-commerce Solution

While on the verge of developing an e-commerce project, you must focus on developing one that is aesthetically pleasing and interactive to its users. A better part of the finances for the project will mainly go to the development of the website. Some of the finance included here are those to be paid not upfront but later. When it comes to developing the theme for the website, you have to choose between a custom developed or one that is over the counter. Both these option have their advantages and disadvantage. Here are the financial implications of an e-commerce solution.


The success of an e-commerce solution is entirely based on the marketing strategy. Without a strong marketing campaign, it may be hard to survive in this industry. For increased sales, people have to visit your website. Therefore, you have the task of generating this traffic through a successful marketing campaign. There are some methods to increase website traffic such as the use of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO will make your website to appear on top of the list on the search engine. To make this possible, you have to pay some fee on a monthly basis per ever click. You can also take your marketing to the social media platforms.


After you have implemented the e-commerce solution, you are in a capacity to reach out to people both nationally and internationally. To make international deliveries possible, you have to make deals with the delivery companies located in every country. This means that you will be required to pay huge amounts of postage fees. However, the amount that you pay will be determined by the location, weight, and size of the parcel.

Financial transactions

Cost of the transaction via the media is a necessity for the success of your online business store. It is worth noting that there are some gateways that help in the facilitation of financial transactions done on the e-commerce platform. In most cases, they happen to charge a small fee for the complete order. A platform such as PayPal charges only 1.8% of the total fee.


The fee paid for security and hosting of the website is considered as a recurring cost. You are required to pay a monthly or a yearly fee depending on your host. Mostly, the fee paid for security is inclusive of the hosting fee.  Therefore, be financially prepared during the beginning of the project.

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