Biggest E-commerce Solutions Misconceptions and How to Avoid Them

//Biggest E-commerce Solutions Misconceptions and How to Avoid Them

Biggest E-commerce Solutions Misconceptions and How to Avoid Them

It is amazing how people have a misconception of how one can easily build a successful e-commerce site. It is a bit obvious that nobody would like to work on a website that doesn’t bore any fruits. With a website, you work hard, you make money, and if you make a mistake you lose money. This is the truth in black and white. However, people have been providing inaccurate information on how to manage an e-commerce platform. Here are some of the biggest e-commerce misconception and how to avoid them.

A.   You can never give the client too much [wrong!]

Most of the e-commerce experts will argue that it is good to provide your clients with a lot of information, but it will never be too much. This may sound like a great idea because the more information the client has, the more informed their decisions will be. However, this is not true in a realistic situation because a lot of information will overwhelm them leading to paralysis of choice. Therefore, avoid providing too much information about how and why they need a particular product.

B.   Never miss an opportunity to cross-sell [wrong!]

In the real world, you go into a supermarket to purchase something, but on your way out, you end purchasing extra stuff. You happen to do this subconsciously because of the items you purchased have been placed close to each other to attract you to them. This is what happens in a real world but not in the online stores. Even though some online stores are trying to make cross-selling easy, it remains almost impossible. Amazon understands this fact and instead the carefully avoid any distraction. The only way to make this possible is to convince the client to purchase a specific product after the transaction is complete. 

C.    It is all about your site [Wrong!]

The website designer will leave you with the idea that your website is everything that you need. However, the truth is that the website is just a small part of your e-commerce business. The services offered by your business are what matters more than the website itself. Some people put too much focus on improving their websites that they forget the user experience. Apart from the interaction of clients with the website, make sure you have good customer care in place.


Always ensure that your website is secured from fraudsters. The fact that it is an online store makes it even more vulnerable to fraud. Make your clients feel secured while making transactions.

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